farah melghrawi


  Farah is a self-taught artist who became obsessed with mixed media art. She found her passion for art at an early age but was never supported or encouraged. In a world of undervalued creativity, Farah decided to make a difference in her world and move to the United States to pursue her passion.

After experimenting with different mediums, acrylic and resin are the major components in Farah’s artwork. Mixing elements, pouring paint and adding crystals produces art in a modern-contemporary form. Farah’s favorite creation is in gold and white.

Farah created a piece of Geode Resin artwork for her own home and it quickly became noticed by others who requested custom pieces.  She is planning to finish her bachelor’s in art and to grow an online custom art business. Her resin-Geode artwork is currently displayed at Posterity Gallery in Grosse Pointe.