Sue Majewski



In college, I took every type of art class available, from printmaking to bookmaking. Once I started breaking things apart and rearranging pieces, I knew I had found my true artistic passion – mosaics. The process of bringing new life to something altogether different is very satisfying to me. To look for and find the beauty hidden within is special, but to share that beauty is exciting! 

In art, I have always looked at things in our world a bit differently, shapes and patterns intriguing me most. I was always curious about “what else” or “how much more?” I was striving for just the right combination of elements to provide the perfect amount of contrast, and to create just the right look by adding and subtracting pieces. Mostly, though, knowing when to quit without overdoing an idea is a happy goal!

My curiosity started with broken china, tiles and glass. I was lucky enough to receive instruction from one of the best mosaic artists I know, Shug Jones. Once I soaked up her knowledge and instruction, her demonstrations, insight and critiques, I saw things differently once again. I created “Eddy Jones” (above) in her workshop and that propelled me further into the stained glass madness!

I have experimented with glass on glass and stained glass mosaics, and I always seem to gravitate back to the natural world, particularly flowers. I like to work with clay and have a small kiln, so handmade tiles are incorporated into some of the pieces I make.

Along with and included in my future artistic direction, my Memory Pieces are evolving. My newest pieces have incorporated beads. A customer purchased a beaded bird for his wife, the wildlife in their backyard being the inspiration. When she received it, she was thrilled and called me to ask me to make him a duck! These pieces are considered Memory pieces to me, because they have so much more meaning to them. “At this point in my life, I’d rather have things that mean something to me, not just things,” said my customer. I am happy to oblige